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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chilko Lake trip

Well, I guess I better start and make this blog something worth reading. Last weekend, Chad and I, along with a few friends, make the 5+ hour drive from Williams Lake to beautiful Chilko Lake. It's the largest glacier fed lake in Canada - and believe me, is it ever COLD!!!!

We lucked out with the weather and enjoyed bright blue skies and beautiful sun. On Saturday, we did a 5 hour round trip (155 km, according to the GPS on the quad) from the north end of Chilko Lake (where we were camping) to the Neimiah Valley side. Very beautiful, rugged and isolated.

It was nice to just relax, get out on the boat, fish and hang out. Usually I'm so busy on my days off and holidays that I never get to enjoy anything. I definitely need more trips like this...


My fish

I caught this fish from the shore of Chilko Lake...and all by myself!


So, on a whim (thanks to Kaylmnop) I thought I would trying blogging it.

Still not sure if my life is exciting enough to warrent this, but if people dont' like it, I guess they can always close me.

What can I say? I'm at work, but taking a 10 minute mental health break. It's mountain biking after work (yippee!) so I'm counting down the hours...

Back to work now...